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Whether you’re replacing your siding because of damage or looking to update the exterior of your home, finding the best material is essential. There are plenty of quality materials that will offer you years of protection and beauty.

Wood has been one of the favorite choices throughout North America when it comes to siding options. You have choices of vertical siding like board and batten or horizontal sidings such as clapboards, shakes, and shingles. These give you options and the ability to achieve a long-lasting look. There are a few species and grades commonly used for all applications.

Genuine cedar is an organic wood that is naturally resistant to the outside elements, making it the perfect combination of beauty and protection. With the ability to mix and match different techniques, colors, and styles, you can achieve different looks - whether installing the siding boards horizontally or vertically and using white or cedar shingles. You’ll be able to find the perfect combination to suit your specific style.

A porch with wooden floors and white railings.

Exterior Renovations understands the different types of woods are readily available in our market and can answer all of your questions about rot resistance, splitting, checking, or cupping. One of our experienced installers will provide you with all of the information you need to make your own educated decision when it comes to wood siding and choose the best grade of siding within your budget.

We’ve been helping homeowners throughout the Maryland area install cedar siding for over 12 years.

Two of the major benefits of cedar siding are its beauty and rot resistance, which is why it’s often used in shakes and shingles. When stained, it will be rich in color and expose its grain and texture for additional beauty. Cedar has the natural ability to resist swelling, is dimensionally stable, and has less cupping and splitting. Additionally, cedar siding offers protection against moisture and insects and far without added chemicals, as pine does. 

Redwood is another beautiful wood that offers a rich texture and tone and the perfect choice of siding for all types of climates. Its natural ability to resist shrinking, resist insects and minimal maintenance make this a popular choice for siding in many areas in the West, which makes it challenging to obtain redwood in our region.

As with most things today, we have a variety of imported wood from around the world. Two of the more popular are Ipe and Cumaru.


Ipe (pronounced ee-pay) wood is known as Brazilian Walnut, which is generally found in South America and some parts of Central America. Ipe is a durable, eco-friendly natural wood that will last for many decades due to its ability to withstand the outside elements. Because of its density, it’s three times harder than Cedar wood, fire rating similar to concrete and steel, resistant to insects and decay.


Cumaru or Brazilian teak is a dense wood that offers durability. This wood is a popular choice with both residents and business owners due to its hardness, appearance, and sustainability.  This dense wood comes in a range of colors varying from a tan brown to a reddish-brown, and black striping can be found in some pieces. Cumaru surpasses Burmese teak being more than three times as hard and is more beautiful in appearance.

Installing wood shingles or shakes takes longer than vinyl siding, and depending on which product you choose will depend on the method used to install, stain or paint your wood.

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